Bowmasters (Ad Free) App Reviews

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Best game ever

The character I love is kacey rich





Great game

Amazing download

It's aight



Game good.




Freaking love this game!


Good game for passing time 👍🏾

Bowmasters..... ADS?!

Hey playgendary I know you work hard but can you fix one itsy bitsy mistake..... can you remove your own ads from the ad free game


You should put the update that you put in the free version in the no ad version


I lov

Lot of fun small price

Simple but addicting

Great game

I paid not to see adds and the other people said they were adds But this is a good game


Good game add in Star Wars characters next

I love it

It is loads of fun

Great Game

You step up through the ladder and earn people as you go

Hilarious antics!

Hurling objects at an opponent has never been this fun.You either hit the target or you don’t.Bird hunt is my favorite mode.

Crashes Online

Paid a dollar to play this game with a friend, only to have it crash every time. Turned wifi off and the game still crashes on LTE. Lame!




Great game :)

Have to rate to unlock stuff

Fun game. Easy to unlock everything. Downside if you have the free version. You gonna get mad ads


I swear the tree is a cheater I was about to get to the legendary tournament when I threw about 14 chainsaws to it’s HEAD and it didn’t die what the heck happened there it didn’t die!!!!!

Just get the free version.

I still get ads, I unlocked all the free characters and now have this dragons horde of money that is useless. And not enough people bought this app to make the multiplayer worth anything.

Great App

All of the Above!

It’s a good game BUT

They don’t update the paid version! Don’t buy this buy the ad free package in the free version!

Woo hoo

Great game!


Simple and fun

Really good, but where is the update from Bowmasters free?

I used to play Bowmasters on my iPad, but I got the ad free one on my iPhone. However, there was an update on the free version that the ad-free didn’t get. I am not sure why, but if the people at Playgendary could update the game. It would make it SOO much better.

This game is lit

I love this game so much keep bringing good updates

Good time killer


Better without adds

So much lag in the free version but this improved the game

Good game

This game is fun.


Just started playing but I enjoy the mindlessness of it.

Awesome app

Could you just add new characters(ex:Einstein,spider-man,tennis player,soccer player...).Also could you make Santa also cost money in the game?



Pretty good.

Decent game.

Muito bom!!!

Muito TOP!!!

Pretty fun game

It’s pretty fun. The fatalities are pretty cool and I like how it’s sniper-esk.



4 Stars

I think this games is great but it is very bloody but it is still a very fun Mobil game. But it should be for 18 and up but still I like it.



Fun, but

It’s made for commies

Really good

There is nothing wrong with it


This game is amazing


I purchased the app AND some in app purchases, just to find that online pvp doesn’t even work. You can’t play online until you win a certain amount of times with bots. So I purchased while playing with bots. The. When online is unlocked— there is NOTHING. Either no one is online or this game has internal issues. Cause when it DOES connect to someone it lags beyond belief.

Fun fun fun

It’s fun




This game is actually add free!!!and I like the V.I.P characters because they are pretty strong 💪.It is also addictive.I also think that the super bloody finishes are kind of satisfying.

Great Game

I wa appeased must buy the ad free!

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